• Who is the concrete ticket aimed at?

    The course is aimed at the ‘concrete workers’ who are responsible for receiving, transporting, placing and finishing concrete after its arrival on site. In addition those who transport readymixed concrete, those who receive orders for concrete, those who dispatch the concrete and those in a more supervisory level will also benefit from having a concrete ticket.

  • Who will run the course?

    The course is delivered by Irish Concrete Society-approved trainers, who are responsible for all aspects on the day.

  • What is the course duration?

    The course duration is approximately 4 hours. This includes over 2 hours of presentations, 40 minutes of Q&A workshops followed by a Multiple Choice Question Test.

  • What are the benefits of the Concrete Ticket?

    Participants taking this course and passing the test can formally demonstrate education, knowledge of and a level of competency in concrete-related site workmanship and concrete  material properties, as required by standards.

  • What happens if I fail the test?

    Concrete Ticket Test (CTT) Candidates who fail are encouraged to repeat the concrete ticket course & test – the full course fee will still apply.

    Alternatively candidates may wish to appeal the result. This Concrete Ticket Test (CTT) assessment appeal allows a candidate to seek mitigation where he or she believes that circumstances have had an undue negative impact on his or her performance. Click here to view this policy.

  • I am a specifier. How do I specify the Concrete Ticket?

    “The execution of concrete on site including, but not limited to receiving, conveying, placing, compacting, finishing and curing, should be carried out by personnel that possess the necessary skill and competence, which may in part be demonstrated by holding a current Irish Concrete Society Concrete Ticket Card or equivalent.”

  • Is having the Concrete Ticket a legal requirement?

    There is no legal requirement for any worker to hold a Concrete Ticket card.

  • What do those attend the course say?

    Click here for our testimonials page.